Why Buy From Galaxy Gold?

Family owned and operated since 1985, we make the world's finest gemstones and jewelry pieces.

Why Buy From Galaxy Gold?

• Made in USA
Galaxy Gold is one of the leading manufacturers of fine gemstone jewelry products in the United States. Our gemstone jewelry has been sold throughout the world under different brand names. Starting 2012 Galaxy Gold made a decision to make all of their products available directly to the consumer, bringing a greater selection of jewelry to the fashionable dresser.

• Quality Control
Our rigorous quality control department ensures every product is 100% OK. Despite having a high demand from all over the world, we never compromise on quality. In fact you motivate and propel us to work harder to give you the best quality of jewelry. Our quality control department examines and inspects every item. At Galaxy Gold, we have a long list of checks and parameters that every jewelry MUST PASS before it is labeled fit to be sold. So every item that you see here has passed through the stringent process of quality control.

• Lifetime Warranty
Every jewelry item you buy from Galaxy Gold is backed by a 100% Lifetime Warranty. As a token of appreciation for shopping with us, we provide this 100% Lifetime Warranty on each jewelry make sure the quality of our jewelry stays outstanding forever.

• Full Money Back Guarantee
We value you! We do not believe in mere verbosity, but in actions. And to express our gratitude for you we offer you full money back guarantee on all of our jewelry items. Yes, you read it right, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase you can return the product within 30 days and claim a refund and receive full money back, no questions asked. When returning jewellery under the Money Back Guarantee, please ensure the item is unused and complete with all tags attached. Returned jewellery must be unworn and not modified or altered. Removing the attached tag or wearing the jewellery is your acceptance of the item. Items that have been engraved, inscribed or otherwise altered cannot be returned under our policyFor more details, please read our Terms of Use.

• Price
We continuously conduct market study and offer you our jewelry at the best prices possible giving you the most value. We always select the best possible gemstones that go well with the jewelry making every piece of jewelry unique. We even take the time to match stones when it is part of a set of stones to make sure they are well balanced and color coordinated.

• Authentic Gemstones
Being a certified jewelry manufacturer, we only use gemstones, diamonds and all the precious stones that are 100% natural. We take pride in the fact that we offer you authentic stones that are not artificial, modified, fake, created, or synthetic (except for Cubic Zirconia, which is an entirely artificial stone.) Moreover, Galaxy Gold manufactures its jewelry items using only solid metals such as solid gold, white gold and sterling silver making sure all the jewelry products are of remarkably highest quality that last ages. You would be happy to know that we do not plate any of our jewelry products.

• Manufacturer’s Certified Appraisals
We provide accredited jewelry appraisals as certificates of genuineness for every jewelry product you buy from us, with details about the independently assessed retail cost of every jewelry product. We methodically evaluate the appraisal value employing the latest market information and systematic & comprehensive assessment. We provide details such as the cut, color, clarity and weight of the precious stone. In case of loss, robbery or damage, your insurance organization will provide you a replacement of equivalent value. In addition, for your convenience, we have provided the precise appraisal values all through our website.

• Conflict-Free Diamonds
We do not - and will never ever – procure, purchase, sell or distribute conflict diamonds (a.k.a blood diamonds). "Conflict diamonds" are those diamonds that are obtained from places where coercion and perpetually deliberate rioting are used by certain groups to maximize their profits illegitimately. However we are proud that we legitimately obtain all our diamonds and other gemstones through ethical and fair means – this is the hallmark of our principles. Further, we are constantly creating awareness through our efforts to facilitate the elimination of the conflict diamonds from the supply world to create a peaceful and morally just society.

• 14K (karat) Solid Gold, White Gold & Rose Gold
At Galaxy Gold, we only use 14 karat gold and white gold for each and every gold jewelry product that we sell. Due to the fact that pure gold is extremely soft and can break at slightest pressure, we alloy it with a blend of various metals to boost its strength. We use copper, silver, palladium and zinc to make gold stronger. As some of you are probably already aware of the fact that the quantity of other metals used in the alloying indicates gold’s purity. Gold’s weight is usually devised in "24ths". We provide 14K gold, that is, 14 parts gold to 10 parts various metals like copper, silver, etc. Yes, we offer you gold products of 14K the most preferred and desired balance of strength, toughness and purity.

• 925 Sterling Silver
Similar to gold, unalloyed silver, is extremely soft and can break at slightest pressure. To boost silver’s strength and toughness, we alloy it with a blend of various metals. In our jewelry products, we use the most universally used silver alloy, sterling silver. In Sterling Silver, 7.5% copper is alloyed with 92.5% silver. Yes, that’s how it derives its name 925 Sterling Silver.

• Delivery by USPS to Continental US and FedEx Delivery for all International Orders we also have DHL, all your choice
All jewelry products you buy from us is completely insured throughout its journey until it reaches you. Moreover, we make sure all your purchased jewelry products are sent out to you without any hindrance or interruption. Moreover, all our couriers are entirely traceable, thereby ensuring you have no worries. As soon as we dispatch your jewelry products, we send you all the tracking guidelines in an e-mail. With these details you can check the consignment’s movement in transit until it reaches your delivery address. It usually takes about 24-48 hours to dispatch any jewelry product.

• Gift Box
We simply love our customers. As yet another token of appreciation towards you, we present every jewelry product in an attractive leatherette gift box with a beautiful velvet underlining and silk lining. No we don’t charge a dime for the gift boxes. We would like your jewelry product to reach you safe and sound, without any damage, hence we are glad to bear the cost of the gift box to ensure safe delivery of the jewelry to you. We hope you have the best shopping experience every time you visit our site.